Our Mission

Exceptional leadership that is progressive, attentive and supportive

Run by players for players, the leadership of our club is unique and dedicated. Understanding that Ultimate is a classroom for life, we empower women to grow into leaders for the future, on and off the field.


Striving for growth of individuals, the club and the sport of ultimate

We aim to empower and advance all members of the club in skill, athleticism and leadership. Contributing to the expansion of Ultimate in Australia, we actively advertise, demonstrate and teach Ultimate to the broader community.


Creative and adaptive in style of play

Energised with the passion for high level Ultimate, we are creative in our strategies and adapt to challenges that lie before us. We believe in keeping things fresh and fun, and learning from every available source around us.

2019 committee

President: CeeCee Zhang
Vice President: Col Fink
Secretary: Helen Brooks
Treasurer: Kim Nguyen & Kellen Lowrie
General Committee: Maylin Chuah, Kiara Heppel, Hayley Tan