A moment with May

Photo by Nicky Smith   

Photo by Nicky Smith

Maylin Chuah is Captain of the Bauhaus Elite team again, leading the way to Nationals on and off the field.

She is also another of our club mates heading to the World Ultimate and Gut Championships in June with the women's masters team, the Flying Foxes.

Here are May's answers to some questions.


How long have you been a part of the club?

I joined this motley crew back in November 2011.

What was your path that lead you to STBAU?

During my time playing Ultimate in Brisbane, my team up there always had really enjoyable and competitive games against STBAU. I admired STBAU's style of play and camaraderie that they seemed to share. Tegan Don, an ex-Brisbane team mate had moved down to Melbourne a few years prior and she had joined STBAU. She made a couple of casual (and rather presumptuous) comments about me joining the team. Joy and Huss did the final convincing (not that that was needed!) during the Firetails campaign. Here I am!

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from STBAU?

I would say that STBAU / Bauhaus continues to teach me what it means to be the best team mate and leader I can be. I have also learnt many weird and wonderful things not related at all to Ultimate.

What has been the reason you have stayed with the club?

I have never even thought about not staying with the club. I have made some really special friendships over the years. I continue to make new friends and am always learning new things. The laughs, smiles and tears have kept me in this Haus of Bau.

What's your favourite uniform combo?

Oooo...I would have to say that the WUCC, Lecco uniform is my favourite so far. Chevrons and goose!

At tournaments what do you look forward the most to with the team/club?

Getting on the field for the first game is always a highlight. The jitter of nerves and excitement mixed with the frisbee tournament bubble. Bliss!