Get to know Kate

Kate Robertson is one of our up and coming young players. With this only being her second year at the club she is gaining experience at a rapid rate. In her first year of playing she represented Victoria at the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships. In 2016 she is continuing her ultimate journey with the Bauhaus Reserves and going to Poland for the World Junior Ultimate Championships (Under 20s) with Southern Terra.

We asked Kate a few questions about her time at the club.


How long have you been a part of the club?

I started playing last year (2014-2015 season) in Squadron and am now onto my second year and loving it!

What was your path that lead you to the club?

I'd actually just started playing ultimate about three months before tryouts. I loved playing so I was encouraged to play for a team over summer to gain experience. When choosing a club, Bauhaus (Steam Baudron at the time) was extremely welcoming and went out of their way to explain what they had to offer. So it was an easy decision to choose Bauhaus and I'm so glad I did!

What is your favourite moment, on or off the field?

So many but my fav is probably my first tournament (SMO) where I learnt the wonders of frisbee lunch and more importantly got to see our team come together and apply everything we'd learnt in training.

At training what do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to being pushed both physically and mentally to become a better player. I love how well everyone gets along so well, encourages everyone to reach their best and trains hard to form a strong club.

If you had to tell someone new to the club why they should join, what would three reasons be?

Oh wow, it's hard to summarise into just 3 reasons but I'll try.
1. Ultimate is super fun and Bauhaus makes it even better, both on and off field with all our social events, quirky games and cheers.
2. You get to train and play alongside world level players meaning you're able to learn so many new skills and tactics. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years, you always get something out of each training.
3. Super cool, colourful uniforms so you don't just play well but look cool too (sorry I had to put that in).

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

Hmm there's already plenty Bauhaus is doing! This year the youth program has started which is something I was hoping would happen. So for the future, seeing this youth program expand big enough that we're able to have competitive teams to better prepare young players for the bigger tournaments on offer. Also maybe seeing something happen in the off season after everyone gets back from all their world tournaments as a way to stay connected as a team before season begins.