A second with Shaz

Photo by Nicky Smith

Photo by Nicky Smith

Shannon Trenwith came to us in style, wearing a bright red jumpsuit, which proved that she was the perfect fit for the club.

This year she is also on the Australian Firetails team going to London, and we wish her all the best!

Shaz answered a couple of questions for us:



How long have you been a part of the club?

My first season with the club was in 2011 in Brisbane (the jellyfish year), so I suppose this is going on 5 years as a part of the club.

What is your favourite club moment?

In my first season with the club, I turned up one day in a jumpsuit, that was subsequently passed around the whole team, and the season theme ended up being jumpsuits. I remember that being a super fun year - especially seeing people like Snail and Zab try and make that suit fit!

Where has playing with the club taken you?

I've played with STBAU all around Australia, but I'm yet to attend an international tournament with the team (though I have been watching on and cheering in my living room, suffering epic FOMO!). And (due to missing a season) I have still never won Nationals!

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with the club and now?

The people! There is so much growth and so many more opportunities at the club now. With that, the vibe has evolved, there are new personnel and the club has had to grow up a bit and (hopefully) not get too serious with all that. The focus on development has been great and there are some fantastic people dedicated to that now so that the club can balance the different needs of a wider range of players.

What has been the reason you have stayed with the club?

This club feels like home to me. There are so many friends here and people I've played a lot with. I think the club has always pushed outside the status quo and pushed players to think differently and play smarter, and I am such a better player for it. It's been a club that can go from silly to serious and everywhere in between - and I love that vibe. I think that's why people play ultimate at the end of the day - it can be competitive but we are all here to have a good time.

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

Dominate the women's ultimate circuit - nationally and internationally. I think the elite standard in Australia will keep lifting and I want to see the club developing players and leaders who are ready to not only cope with that but lead the way. I also want the club to be a place where people have options to play at all levels, and to actively promote ultimate in the community. I would love to see us teaching ultimate to all sorts of people.