Some time with Tegan

Photo by Nicky Smith

Photo by Nicky Smith

Tegan Don is a big part of our club, both on and off the field. She has previously been part of our coaching staff and also brings delicious pastries for post-training snacks!

This year she is also representing the country at the WUGC on the Australian women’s masters team, the Flying Foxes, with a few of her club mates.







When did you play with Team Box?

I've been with the club since 2008, and played every season apart from 2013 in which I got too fat to play :-)
(and by fat Tegan means being pregnant and coaching Squadron!)

What is your favourite Club moment?

Favourite moment. That is a tough one. So many to choose goes though:
On field - Winning nationals in 2010 in Adelaide. Had been in the Final the year before and it was amazing to go one better and win it!
Off field - Specific I know, but a camping trip to Wilsons Prom with a bunch of girls where the "threat" of a wombat attacking our tent led Palmer to believe that I was a wombat.... Not so funny at 2am but definitely good laughs after.

Where has playing with Team Box taken you?

Team Box has taken me around Australia and the world! Italy, Japan, QLD, Adelaide, Perth and even to good old Ballarat and Bendigo :-)

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with Team Box and now?

The biggest difference between then and now would be sheer numbers! The amount of talented women who want to play and own their game is brilliant.

What is your favourite piece of Team Box paraphernalia?

Definitely the socks from World Clubs. I only wish I'd brought more pairs as they are starting to die!



If you could play any tournament with Team Box/STBAU, one you did play again or one you didn't but wish you had, which would it be and why?

If I could have played a tournament I'd missed it would have been Nationals 2007 - the inaugural year of Team Box (I was still playing with Sultry [Brisbane] as had only moved to Melbourne in February). I knew I wanted to be a part of Team Box after watching their style of play, their respect for everyone on the pitch, and of course the excellent uniforms.

However, if could re-play a tournament and change the outcome of just one game it would have been at World Clubs in Italy against Japan's Uno - so close!