Thoughts from Thor

Ashleigh Thornton joined the club in a good year, when we won our first gold at Australian Nationals, and since then she has continued to be a strong member of the club.

She also works hard behind the scenes of ultimate as a previous club committee member, is on the AFDA Board and the current Australian women’s team manager.

We asked Thor a couple of questions.


How long have you been a part of the club?

Since 2010 :)

What is your favourite Team Box/STBAU moment?

This one is really hard.  I have missed playing a few seasons, but despite this I know off field I loved watching the team win Nationals in 2014.  On field, I just loved all of the 2015 season.  I think that is my fondest memory, it is just too hard to pin point any one thing!!!

Where has playing with Team Box/STBAU taken you?

Sadly I have only ever played Australia tournaments with Team Box.  I did travel to Kaimana Klassik [Hawaii] in 2013 with a hybrid team, where some Squadron girls played with some Canadian girls, however I have only played with a true Team Box team within Australia.

What is your favourite piece of Team Box/STBAU paraphernalia?

My shorts and matching scrunchies from the 2015 Season :)

If you could play any previous tournament, one you did play again or one you didn't play, which would it be and why?

Nationals 2015.  It was my favourite tournament with the club.  We had two elite teams representing the club, and with so many players staying together and playing on the beautiful fields in Perth, it was amazing!  Except for the last game when I tore the ligament in my hamstring, I don't want to do that again!


The increased number of players, and types of players that have come through the club have changed it and only made it more awesome.  Everyone brings their own type of fun!