Memories from Martha

Martha with text.jpg

Martha Gregory is a great friend to the club! She may have only played one Nationals season with us but she gets the call when we play international tournaments because her infectiously friendly attitude and hard playing are always an asset to our team. Currently living in New York and playing for BENT, we wish her all the best and we are sure we will see her soon!

Here are some of her thoughts about our club.

When did you play with the club?

I played with Steam Baudron [Squadron] for the 2011 season but also at Kaimana in 2014 and Dream Cup in 2015.

What is your favourite STBAU moment?

My favorite club moment might have been WINNING KAIMANA with you guys. Or the Kimono-Mandatory team meetings at Dream Cup... or our Jumpsuit-Mandatory practice before Nats in 2011... so many!

What is your favourite Club mascot?

Favorite mascot is the goose.. (and the pubic hair jellyfish)...

If you had to tell someone new to the club why they should join, what would three reasons be?

I would tell someone new to join because they wouldn't only be joining an incredibly talented group of athletes, but they'd get to help continue building something positive and rewarding. Bauhaus is a group of wildly silly women and absurdly brilliant frisbee players whose love for each other permeates everything they do on and off the field and whose positive team culture reverberates throughout the Australian frisbee community. I am immeasurably proud to be a Bauhaus alum.

What is your most memorable tournament with the club and why?

Winning tourney MVP at regionals in Hobart while playing for Squadron was a big moment for me as a player and quite possibly the start of my more mature frisbee goals...Most memorable tournament though is so hard! Kaimana I guess has to be the most memorable but Dream Cup was pretty incredible too.. and Nationals in 2011 was my first really intense elite level tournament which was also really big for me.

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

I'd love to see Bauhaus come to New York! Or do a US tour!