Know a little more about KP

Karen 'KP' Baker has been there from the start, however she was playing against Team Box in their first year as a team. Since then she has been a staple at the club, a fantastic player on the field, she takes amazing photos with Baker Photography, and leads the club's mental strength sessions.

This year she is also the Assistant Coach of the Australian women's team, the Firetails, who are competing at WUGC in London.

We asked KP a couple of questions about her time at the club.


How long have you been a part of Team Box/Bauhaus? What was your path that lead you to Team Box?

I joined Bauhaus in 2008, after the team I took over captaining folded - undefeated captain of Ishtar! :D

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from Team Box?

I continue to learn to not take myself too seriously - insert Minute of Madness here...

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with Team Box and now?

The biggest difference is that I have two kids.

At tournaments what do you look forward to the most with the team?

The best thing about my time with the team is feeling 100% supported, with no niggling concerns that any other player didn't absolutely trust and support me. At tournaments, I look forward to playing hard and seeing everyone's effort come together into one marvellous team whole.

If you could play any past tournament, one you did play again or one you didn't play, which would it be and why?

WUCC 2014 in Italy. Despite disappointing results, it is the most cohesiveness I have ever felt as a player on a team.