From Team Box to Bauhaus

We never planned for this to happen.

The minutes of madness, the goat, the goose, the pigeon, the fighter jets, rats, jellyfish, parsley being chopped, certain ironic walks that may or may not be signifiers of minority sexualities, an eagle being ‘trapped’ in naked buttocks in an otherwise empty field, being featured (some might say stalked) by a rogue reporter from the Ballarat Interrogator, the two gold medals, the many, many silver ones, a giant human noodle linked in a T-shape and the unwelcome discovery of lumps of pure butter in homemade chocolate mousse.

All those songs, actions, jokes, animals, shouts and tears like the elements of an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque lucid dream. And that’s even before we get to what stuns me considerably more these days, which is the fact that Bauhaus Club now has three full teams brimming with talent, scores of competent and talented women working towards the actual functioning of the club, a juniors pathway and even an online Leadership Development Program. Back in our age of innocence (early 2007), my mouth would have gaped open if you’d told me those things and I would have responded with a loud, disbelieving “HO HO HAHAHA”.

10 years ago, Team Box began with three new captains, a handful of returning players, an armful of new ones, mums, ex-pats and juniors. By today’s standards we were a motley crew at best and our frisbee dreams were fired that summer by humour, a lot of hard work and the very fact of our newness.

The original team in 2007  

The original team in 2007

The first game we lost that season was halfway through Nationals to a Sydney team called Wildcard, who ended up also beating us in the final a couple of days later. Two games lost and a significant number of wins over a few months, finishing second in the country - we were delighted but mainly stunned with that result.

Then - for the next year or so at least - the future of Team Box was assured. A gamble (an extended gambol) had paid off.

That group who took its ridiculous name as seriously as its frisbee. That name clearly not being sufficiently ridiculous or expressive, so that by 2008, the team became known as Sporting Team Box Athletico United.

The appreciation that frisbee, and all sport is, even at its best, completely ridiculous as well as magnificent and expressive. The chasing of inanimate objects around set parameters and being so absurd as to place any importance by the results of this activity.

Cherishing and celebrating those results unabashedly. The singing of songs, an anthem with a running time of circa 46 minutes.

The losing of a spirit contest at the Kaimana Klassik, 2014, to a topless, strident, unbeatable Hawaiian team by three shot takers in a seven person lineup.

The making of many friendships, memories that will last a lifetime.

In our 10th anniversary year, I would like to say thank you to all the captains and players who have made Team Box/STBAU/Bauhaus our great, funny ship that sails proudly into the future. We are incredibly honoured to welcome both brand new players to their first club experience, and those who have proudly played for other clubs in the past. We are all part of the Bauhaus story and I cannot wait to sing the next verse with you all.

Written by Joy / Dobesaurus