So what's 'Club Ultimate' anyway?

Being in the Club Haus: An introduction to club ultimate


Welcome to the Ultimate community. Welcome to our house at Bauhaus. 


Ultimate is a sport like no other. You will have realised that people do things a little 

differently. For a start, it's self-officiated, which means that spirit of the game 

(SOTG), being fair, and knowing the rules is crucial. Secondly, club frisbee hinges 

around the Nationals season. 


The Frisbee calendar

Rather than more ‘traditional’ sports or league frisbee, where you play each week in 

a season – the Nationals calendar is about training and playing tournaments to 

prepare you for Nationals.


Frisbee's yearly calendar is divided into two parts, Bauhaus (and now YOU, how 

excitement!) are preparing for the Nationals season- which culminates at the 

Australian Ultimate Championships (aka AUC, aka Nationals), a 4-day Frisbee-

fest over Anzac Day long weekend. The other part of the year is 'the mixed season', 

competing at Australian Mixed Ultimate Champs (AMUC) in early October. You can 

play that too, I suppose. If you want. 


Nationals clubs typically start selections/ trainings in November or December, before 

selecting their teams and announce which tournaments they'll attend for the season.



Here's a summary of the most common tournaments on the calendar: 


Southern Regionals: 

This is a qualifying event for Nationals, with teams from Victoria, SA and Tasmania 

fighting it out over 2 days. In 2016 it'll be in Victoria.

Sydney Melbourne open (SMO):

Hosted by either Sydney or Melbourne, with teams from all over. Another full 

weekend tourney and the first opportunity to see some of the clubs from up north 

and to the west. In 2016 it'll be in Sydney.

Brisbane Canberra invitational (BCI):

BCI is typically only 4 weeks from Nationals, and teams must qualify and earn the 

right to an invitation, so this is a hotly contested exclusive affair!! 


What we are all training for! Usually 3-4 games each day for 4 days, with finals on 

the last 2 days. There will be showcase games, great uniforms, the "party" and 

frisbee folk from all over this fine land. Games go for about 80 minutes and it's a 

longer tournament, so you'll need to be mentally and physically tough, be there for 

your teammates and recover well. In 2016 Nationals is in Victoria!


Training, expectations, and getting in the groove

The expectations during the season vary considerably between teams and will be 

outlined to interested players. Team trainings are designed to learn new strategy 

and skills in a big group together. Missing training means you'll have missed some 

content that you'll have to get on top of. Training often ends at the pub! 


In addition to regular team trainings, there is some other stuff you'll need to do. 

"Pods" are both a delicious biscuity snack AND a great way of getting together with 

nearby players for skills, fitness and throwing training each week. Fitness is key to 

lasting through the season, and you'll get a plan with a couple of sessions each week 

to go through. Throwing regularly and intently is really important too. 


On-the-field stuff:

 if you ever have any questions, just ask. Don't stress. Know the force. Cut hard, clear 

hard. Play to the team plan, and do your job. That's what we care about most.


Off-the-field stuff: 

Stay where the team stays if you can – usually people will organise this. Have fun. 

Recover and hydrate. Do your best to sort out your injuries and don't forget your 



How to be a great teammate at nationals: 

Cheer! Loudly and often, and more if times are tough. Know the force. Tell people 

they are doing well/ or how they can be even better. Help with little tasks (lunch, kit 

bags, cool downs, Twitter feeds!) 


How to be a good opponent at nationals: 

Say hi to your opponents, tell them who you are. Know the rules. Stay out of other 

rules chat unless you're directly involved. Talk to the captains if something is bugging 

you - they might be resolving it.


Got any more questions? Post below in the comments and we'll answer them too!


Looking forward to seeing you around,

Shaz and Emily.