Welcome to the house of Bau

Coming into our 10th season as a top women's ultimate club, the planning committee approached the topic of branding, and whether it was time for us to reshape our identity.

For us, our name and the creative use of it has always been closely attached to our wonderful and hilarious culture. The stubborn pride with which we carried a ridiculously long name, the ease with which we could make up new cheers, the power with which we built a culture around being athletic, sporting, and united. These elements are a great strength to us.

As we become more recognised internationally, and begin to look towards long term sponsorship opportunities, it was clear that we needed to create an identity that was less confusing to outsiders. And yet would still retain all the points above. What a challenge!

We set to work to come up with something that was memorable, marketable, and matchable.

And here it is!

Bauhaus. It's focused, it's catchy, and it's built upon part of our club lexicon. It's a name that will carry us forward into the future. We're not just planning for next season. We're planning for three years longterm. Ten years longterm, twenty years longterm, forty years longterm...

When ultimate frisbee is a sport at the scale of AFL, we will still be here.

Welcome to the house of Bau.