Bauhaus Ultimate End of Season Party

We held our end of season celebration on Saturday 21st May. It was a fantastic night organised by club President – Shell Slater and her organising crew. With three women’s teams competing in the 2016 season we had over 40 members attend the evening. We celebrated with a “Colours of Bauhaus” theme and the Bauhaus goose herself made her first appearance.


Our team awards were voted on by all players of that particular team. There were several nominees for each award with the below recipients our worthy winners. Congratulations to them all!


Bauhaus School

Most Improved: Abbey Bachrach-Cox
Player's Player: Kim Nguyen

Bauhaus Reserves

Most Improved: Rachel Mihatsch
Player's Player: Molly Young

Bauhaus Elite

Most Improved: Toni Cox
Player's Player: Cath Matthews


Club Award - Golden Goose

The formal criteria for the award are:
- Outstanding contribution to the club's operation, capacity and development
- Represents the club values (as per our mission):
·         Exceptional leadership that is progressive, attentive and supportive.
·         Strives for growth of individuals, the club and the sport of ultimate.

The 2016 recipient is: Michelle Phillips



Thank you to our Managers:

School - Maham Aziz
Reserves - Kate Robertson
Elite - Bek Gannon

Thank you to our Coaches:

School - Jasper Pentland
Reserves - Will Christopherson
Elite - Michelle Phillips

Thank you to our Captains:

School - Maham Aziz
Reserves - Molly Young & Jess Mumford
Elite - Maylin Chuah

Thank you to our Spirit Captains:

Reserves – Oakleigh Mullan
Elite – Shannon Trenwith

Thank you to our club treasurer Toni Cox who has handled the finances for over 60 people with much patience and digital organisation.

We also recognised Hayley Harris and her efforts with out 10 year celebrations campaign! The 10 year campaign isn’t over yet! Stay tuned for more info in a couple of months.

A big thanks to Flora for organising decorations, Oakleigh for putting together our music requests and Sim and Maham for helping organise the night. Thanks to Q-san for her help on the night too.

Lastly, we wanted to recognise and thank Karen Baker (KP) for putting together the slideshow for the evening and for also taking photos on the night. Bauhaus has been proud to formalise our relationship with Baker Photography this season and support our club members in their off field endeavours. Love your work KP!

The Future of Bauhaus‏

In the last twelve months, Ultimate was recognised as an official sport by the Olympics committee. No longer do we play a ‘niche’ sport. By that simple act of recognition, we became ‘a sport’. And whether because of this announcement, or more likely because of the hard work of many dedicated people over many years, we are beginning to see a shift in the level of professionalism of our sport. Where teams used to be a temporary collection of friends, the next era of Ultimate will see the establishment of permanent clubs. Though individual personalities will remain important, the character of whole clubs will continue on well past any individual’s playing career.

Where will Bauhaus be in another ten years time?

Really, no one knows. Many of us on the senior list probably won’t be playing. Then again, the indominatable Sarah Wentworth has proven conclusively to all us women out there that it is indeed possible to have an International career in sport, take time off to have three children, then return to play another World Games and another World Championships. So you never know.

When Joy Lee, Liz Edye and Hussey formed this team ten years ago, there wasn’t yet a plan for longevity. How could there be? There were so many unknowns –what players we’d have, the number of players we’d have, what the team culture would look like, how the team would perform, how much the players would enjoy being part of the team. Our three founding members took these unknowns and made them knowns.

And that – making known what is currently unknown – is our job going forwards. Taking a quote variously attributed to Alan Kay and Peter Drucker (and if you believe the internet, Abraham Lincoln) the best way to predict the future is to create it. Where we go is entirely up to us. Us of the now, and us of the future.

As the sport transitions into a new era, Bauhaus is transitioning too. We envision a club that attracts, nurtures and develops players like basketball, footy and netball clubs do. A club with all the infrastructure in place, created by the generations before, to make it easier and easier for each new group to flourish. What does this look like? How will we do it? The current executive committee has some pretty big goals for where we want to go in the next ten years. They include things such as:

* The club will be fully self-sustainable financially.
* Our juniors program will have established teams developing young frisbee talent.
* We will have made a name (and one short enough to remember!) for ourselves internationally.
* The administrative load will be largely borne by non-playing members so our players can focus on their on-field performance.
* Our alumni network will actively foster relationships between our past and present players.

Most importantly, we will still be here.

We want to not only bring up great Ultimate players, but to bring up great young women. As we’ve grown as a club we’ve seen how much our sport is actually about life skills and leadership and becoming a strong confident person, much more than it is about just running around on a field. It’s about discipline and communication and sacrifice and negotiation. In ten years time you will see some of our players out in the corporate world, speaking as top athletes to management about motivation and high performance. In ten years time you will see some of our players running businesses, looking after a team of staff just like they looked after a team of players. In ten years time you will see some of our players working with the next generation, teaching and coaching and mentoring them. And in ten years time, you will see many of our players representing on the National teams, continuing to compete at the top level of sport in the world with the grounding they received here.

We can tell you this with full surety, because it’s already beginning to happen.

The usual pathway for players when they join a sporting club goes something like this. For the first couple of years, your mind is basically on yourself as a player. You’re trying to fit in, to learn the ropes, and to learn the skills on-field. As players get more established, they take on a task or two to help out around the club. Maybe a fundraising exercise, maybe booking accommodation for the team, maybe running cool-downs. They’re beginning to see how things run, and want to make their contribution. And finally, after being with the club for many years, many players have a heavy shift in focus to giving back to the club and to giving time to those around them. Some take on specific leadership roles, but really all are leading as the senior players that set the example for the next generation.

We’ve been through a tough gig this season, losing a lot of players that could have been our next generation of leaders. And yet, we look around and are filled with more optimism than ever. Our first year players are the most outstanding bunch you could hope for. They’ve been giving to the club from the day they first turned up. Our three managers have a combined playing experience of 5 years. They manage like it’s 50. We’ve had nearly 30 players show that they’re interested in learning how to be better leaders and teammates as they go through the first leadership development program run by the club. When it’s time for the current senior group to move on from leading this club, there are no doubts about the quality of the new group of leaders to come.

And while we’re excited about the leaders of the future, we’re also incredibly grateful for the efforts of those who have brought us to where we are now. It is because of the work done by so many committed individuals that the task of continuing our legacy is even possible. Behind the scenes we have finances, fundraising, coaching, strategic plans, administration, marketing, and merchandise constantly ticking along. All of this work has been painstakingly carried out, year after year, by players who love their sport and their club so much that they’re willing to treat it like a second job. In particular, the senior players that have driven the growth we’re experiencing these last couple of years are unbelievable in their dedication to our club and to each other.

It is the combination of our youth and our senior players that lets us look backwards with pride, and forwards with excitement. Our sport is changing in new and opportunity-filled ways, and every day there are scraps of news about wonderful things happening in the Ultimate community around the world. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the sport. And in the midst of all this? In the midst of all the growth and all the excitement stands our club. Our enthusiasm and experience makes Bauhaus who we are – an empowered group of women poised to lead the charge into the future of Ultimate.

- Written by Snail -


A moment with May

Photo by Nicky Smith   

Photo by Nicky Smith

Maylin Chuah is Captain of the Bauhaus Elite team again, leading the way to Nationals on and off the field.

She is also another of our club mates heading to the World Ultimate and Gut Championships in June with the women's masters team, the Flying Foxes.

Here are May's answers to some questions.


How long have you been a part of the club?

I joined this motley crew back in November 2011.

What was your path that lead you to STBAU?

During my time playing Ultimate in Brisbane, my team up there always had really enjoyable and competitive games against STBAU. I admired STBAU's style of play and camaraderie that they seemed to share. Tegan Don, an ex-Brisbane team mate had moved down to Melbourne a few years prior and she had joined STBAU. She made a couple of casual (and rather presumptuous) comments about me joining the team. Joy and Huss did the final convincing (not that that was needed!) during the Firetails campaign. Here I am!

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from STBAU?

I would say that STBAU / Bauhaus continues to teach me what it means to be the best team mate and leader I can be. I have also learnt many weird and wonderful things not related at all to Ultimate.

What has been the reason you have stayed with the club?

I have never even thought about not staying with the club. I have made some really special friendships over the years. I continue to make new friends and am always learning new things. The laughs, smiles and tears have kept me in this Haus of Bau.

What's your favourite uniform combo?

Oooo...I would have to say that the WUCC, Lecco uniform is my favourite so far. Chevrons and goose!

At tournaments what do you look forward the most to with the team/club?

Getting on the field for the first game is always a highlight. The jitter of nerves and excitement mixed with the frisbee tournament bubble. Bliss!


Get to know Kate

Kate Robertson is one of our up and coming young players. With this only being her second year at the club she is gaining experience at a rapid rate. In her first year of playing she represented Victoria at the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships. In 2016 she is continuing her ultimate journey with the Bauhaus Reserves and going to Poland for the World Junior Ultimate Championships (Under 20s) with Southern Terra.

We asked Kate a few questions about her time at the club.


How long have you been a part of the club?

I started playing last year (2014-2015 season) in Squadron and am now onto my second year and loving it!

What was your path that lead you to the club?

I'd actually just started playing ultimate about three months before tryouts. I loved playing so I was encouraged to play for a team over summer to gain experience. When choosing a club, Bauhaus (Steam Baudron at the time) was extremely welcoming and went out of their way to explain what they had to offer. So it was an easy decision to choose Bauhaus and I'm so glad I did!

What is your favourite moment, on or off the field?

So many but my fav is probably my first tournament (SMO) where I learnt the wonders of frisbee lunch and more importantly got to see our team come together and apply everything we'd learnt in training.

At training what do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to being pushed both physically and mentally to become a better player. I love how well everyone gets along so well, encourages everyone to reach their best and trains hard to form a strong club.

If you had to tell someone new to the club why they should join, what would three reasons be?

Oh wow, it's hard to summarise into just 3 reasons but I'll try.
1. Ultimate is super fun and Bauhaus makes it even better, both on and off field with all our social events, quirky games and cheers.
2. You get to train and play alongside world level players meaning you're able to learn so many new skills and tactics. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years, you always get something out of each training.
3. Super cool, colourful uniforms so you don't just play well but look cool too (sorry I had to put that in).

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

Hmm there's already plenty Bauhaus is doing! This year the youth program has started which is something I was hoping would happen. So for the future, seeing this youth program expand big enough that we're able to have competitive teams to better prepare young players for the bigger tournaments on offer. Also maybe seeing something happen in the off season after everyone gets back from all their world tournaments as a way to stay connected as a team before season begins.

Chatting with Chloe

Photo by Nicky Smith  

Photo by Nicky Smith

Chloe McDonald is an original member of the club, starting out as one of the youngest players the club has ever had. She has grown to be a fantastic leader, including coaching and encouraging the development of many university girls who have joined the club.

This is what Chloe has to say about her time at the club.


How long have you been a part of the club?

I have been involved in this club from the first season in 2007 and have been playing and/or training with the club since that time. It was my first season playing ultimate.

What was your path that lead you to Team Box?

I was pulled along to a training day by my brother towards the end of 2006 and had a bit of fun. After that I threw a frisbee around at school, started playing in Creswick and then was pulled along to Team Box training by Greta, Amanda and Arwyn. I didn't know the rules properly or had any idea what I was in for.

What is your favourite Team Box mascot and why?

My favourite Team Box mascot is the Goose. It was the first animal logo, it was involved in the best game - box, lid, goose, and because of Florice and Boris - our two Geese who come along to tournaments to cheer us on!! (They aren't real geese...)

Floris & Boris  

Floris & Boris

Where has playing with Team Box taken you?

Since starting with Team Box I have played u19s twice in 2008 and 2010, u23s in 2013, World Clubs in 2014, then Dream Cup and AOUC in 2015. Throughout all these events I have travelled to a bunch of different countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. I wouldn't have achieved any of this without Team Box and the experiences I have had with them.

What has been the reason you have stayed with the club?

I have stayed with the club because it is a supportive group of people who bring an amazing atmosphere. Even when I travelled from regional Victoria to training each week and often missed out on a lot of social stuff, I always felt included.
Experienced players in the club are always keen to help newer players which is something I noticed from my very first training, and the leadership are always trying to help everyone improve and achieve their maximum potential. I love these guys, they are like family.

What your favourite uniform combo?

Probably the most recent Nationals uniform primarily because the shorts were cool and I made them myself :) :)

At Team Box training what do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to seeing everyone and being able to work hard with a bunch of people who have the same goals and focus as I do.


A second with Shaz

Photo by Nicky Smith

Photo by Nicky Smith

Shannon Trenwith came to us in style, wearing a bright red jumpsuit, which proved that she was the perfect fit for the club.

This year she is also on the Australian Firetails team going to London, and we wish her all the best!

Shaz answered a couple of questions for us:



How long have you been a part of the club?

My first season with the club was in 2011 in Brisbane (the jellyfish year), so I suppose this is going on 5 years as a part of the club.

What is your favourite club moment?

In my first season with the club, I turned up one day in a jumpsuit, that was subsequently passed around the whole team, and the season theme ended up being jumpsuits. I remember that being a super fun year - especially seeing people like Snail and Zab try and make that suit fit!

Where has playing with the club taken you?

I've played with STBAU all around Australia, but I'm yet to attend an international tournament with the team (though I have been watching on and cheering in my living room, suffering epic FOMO!). And (due to missing a season) I have still never won Nationals!

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with the club and now?

The people! There is so much growth and so many more opportunities at the club now. With that, the vibe has evolved, there are new personnel and the club has had to grow up a bit and (hopefully) not get too serious with all that. The focus on development has been great and there are some fantastic people dedicated to that now so that the club can balance the different needs of a wider range of players.

What has been the reason you have stayed with the club?

This club feels like home to me. There are so many friends here and people I've played a lot with. I think the club has always pushed outside the status quo and pushed players to think differently and play smarter, and I am such a better player for it. It's been a club that can go from silly to serious and everywhere in between - and I love that vibe. I think that's why people play ultimate at the end of the day - it can be competitive but we are all here to have a good time.

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

Dominate the women's ultimate circuit - nationally and internationally. I think the elite standard in Australia will keep lifting and I want to see the club developing players and leaders who are ready to not only cope with that but lead the way. I also want the club to be a place where people have options to play at all levels, and to actively promote ultimate in the community. I would love to see us teaching ultimate to all sorts of people. 

Some time with Tegan

Photo by Nicky Smith

Photo by Nicky Smith

Tegan Don is a big part of our club, both on and off the field. She has previously been part of our coaching staff and also brings delicious pastries for post-training snacks!

This year she is also representing the country at the WUGC on the Australian women’s masters team, the Flying Foxes, with a few of her club mates.







When did you play with Team Box?

I've been with the club since 2008, and played every season apart from 2013 in which I got too fat to play :-)
(and by fat Tegan means being pregnant and coaching Squadron!)

What is your favourite Club moment?

Favourite moment. That is a tough one. So many to choose goes though:
On field - Winning nationals in 2010 in Adelaide. Had been in the Final the year before and it was amazing to go one better and win it!
Off field - Specific I know, but a camping trip to Wilsons Prom with a bunch of girls where the "threat" of a wombat attacking our tent led Palmer to believe that I was a wombat.... Not so funny at 2am but definitely good laughs after.

Where has playing with Team Box taken you?

Team Box has taken me around Australia and the world! Italy, Japan, QLD, Adelaide, Perth and even to good old Ballarat and Bendigo :-)

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with Team Box and now?

The biggest difference between then and now would be sheer numbers! The amount of talented women who want to play and own their game is brilliant.

What is your favourite piece of Team Box paraphernalia?

Definitely the socks from World Clubs. I only wish I'd brought more pairs as they are starting to die!



If you could play any tournament with Team Box/STBAU, one you did play again or one you didn't but wish you had, which would it be and why?

If I could have played a tournament I'd missed it would have been Nationals 2007 - the inaugural year of Team Box (I was still playing with Sultry [Brisbane] as had only moved to Melbourne in February). I knew I wanted to be a part of Team Box after watching their style of play, their respect for everyone on the pitch, and of course the excellent uniforms.

However, if could re-play a tournament and change the outcome of just one game it would have been at World Clubs in Italy against Japan's Uno - so close!

Memories from Martha

Martha with text.jpg

Martha Gregory is a great friend to the club! She may have only played one Nationals season with us but she gets the call when we play international tournaments because her infectiously friendly attitude and hard playing are always an asset to our team. Currently living in New York and playing for BENT, we wish her all the best and we are sure we will see her soon!

Here are some of her thoughts about our club.

When did you play with the club?

I played with Steam Baudron [Squadron] for the 2011 season but also at Kaimana in 2014 and Dream Cup in 2015.

What is your favourite STBAU moment?

My favorite club moment might have been WINNING KAIMANA with you guys. Or the Kimono-Mandatory team meetings at Dream Cup... or our Jumpsuit-Mandatory practice before Nats in 2011... so many!

What is your favourite Club mascot?

Favorite mascot is the goose.. (and the pubic hair jellyfish)...

If you had to tell someone new to the club why they should join, what would three reasons be?

I would tell someone new to join because they wouldn't only be joining an incredibly talented group of athletes, but they'd get to help continue building something positive and rewarding. Bauhaus is a group of wildly silly women and absurdly brilliant frisbee players whose love for each other permeates everything they do on and off the field and whose positive team culture reverberates throughout the Australian frisbee community. I am immeasurably proud to be a Bauhaus alum.

What is your most memorable tournament with the club and why?

Winning tourney MVP at regionals in Hobart while playing for Squadron was a big moment for me as a player and quite possibly the start of my more mature frisbee goals...Most memorable tournament though is so hard! Kaimana I guess has to be the most memorable but Dream Cup was pretty incredible too.. and Nationals in 2011 was my first really intense elite level tournament which was also really big for me.

What would you like to see Bauhaus do in the future?

I'd love to see Bauhaus come to New York! Or do a US tour!

Thoughts from Thor

Ashleigh Thornton joined the club in a good year, when we won our first gold at Australian Nationals, and since then she has continued to be a strong member of the club.

She also works hard behind the scenes of ultimate as a previous club committee member, is on the AFDA Board and the current Australian women’s team manager.

We asked Thor a couple of questions.


How long have you been a part of the club?

Since 2010 :)

What is your favourite Team Box/STBAU moment?

This one is really hard.  I have missed playing a few seasons, but despite this I know off field I loved watching the team win Nationals in 2014.  On field, I just loved all of the 2015 season.  I think that is my fondest memory, it is just too hard to pin point any one thing!!!

Where has playing with Team Box/STBAU taken you?

Sadly I have only ever played Australia tournaments with Team Box.  I did travel to Kaimana Klassik [Hawaii] in 2013 with a hybrid team, where some Squadron girls played with some Canadian girls, however I have only played with a true Team Box team within Australia.

What is your favourite piece of Team Box/STBAU paraphernalia?

My shorts and matching scrunchies from the 2015 Season :)

If you could play any previous tournament, one you did play again or one you didn't play, which would it be and why?

Nationals 2015.  It was my favourite tournament with the club.  We had two elite teams representing the club, and with so many players staying together and playing on the beautiful fields in Perth, it was amazing!  Except for the last game when I tore the ligament in my hamstring, I don't want to do that again!


The increased number of players, and types of players that have come through the club have changed it and only made it more awesome.  Everyone brings their own type of fun!

Know a little more about KP

Karen 'KP' Baker has been there from the start, however she was playing against Team Box in their first year as a team. Since then she has been a staple at the club, a fantastic player on the field, she takes amazing photos with Baker Photography, and leads the club's mental strength sessions.

This year she is also the Assistant Coach of the Australian women's team, the Firetails, who are competing at WUGC in London.

We asked KP a couple of questions about her time at the club.


How long have you been a part of Team Box/Bauhaus? What was your path that lead you to Team Box?

I joined Bauhaus in 2008, after the team I took over captaining folded - undefeated captain of Ishtar! :D

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt from Team Box?

I continue to learn to not take myself too seriously - insert Minute of Madness here...

What’s the biggest difference between when you started playing with Team Box and now?

The biggest difference is that I have two kids.

At tournaments what do you look forward to the most with the team?

The best thing about my time with the team is feeling 100% supported, with no niggling concerns that any other player didn't absolutely trust and support me. At tournaments, I look forward to playing hard and seeing everyone's effort come together into one marvellous team whole.

If you could play any past tournament, one you did play again or one you didn't play, which would it be and why?

WUCC 2014 in Italy. Despite disappointing results, it is the most cohesiveness I have ever felt as a player on a team.