Bauhaus Beginnings

"Team Box" - victors at Southern Australian Regionals 2007

Established in 2007, Bauhaus formerly known as STBAU, was established with the aim of pursuing ‘total Ultimate’, a style of play in which players develop skills in every position and look to have impact all over the field.

The first squad was a mix of experienced, rookie and returning players who quickly bonded over a shared love of the game as well as an amusing appreciation of the absurd. Confounding expectations in their inaugural season, they won Southern Regional Championships and made the final of nationals to finish second in the country.

Since then, Bauhaus has finished consistently in the top 3 teams at Australian National Championships, proving themselves as a real 'bauerhaus' of Australian Ultimate.  As Bauhaus is largely self-coached and players are highly motivated to improve not only their skills but those of their teammates around them, it is a remarkably close-knit group of friends.

Many Australian-level representatives have hailed from Bauhaus, and it is the club's aim to hail many more!